Welcome to a new kind of immersive experience

Interactive adventures that unfold in your world.
Don’t just watch. Choose your path. Be the hero.

Unbound Eye
Unbound is a new immersive storytelling platform. Built as a collaboration between creative agency, Entourage and creative directors, Jack Pirie and Tom Syms.

It combines physical and digital elements using the technology audiences have in their hands and homes, to create impactful, cinematic experiences, that can be fully designed around your brand story.

Truly immersive, personalised and interactive. It’s the next generation of ‘at-home’ experiential.

Think immersive theatre meets choose your own adventure game.

Unbound personalises each players’ story, based on their decisions and how they behave. Experiences are designed to unfold and revolve around the audience.

Born of a desire to blur the boundaries between live and digital entertainment and create spell-binding experiences with audiences as the hero.

Unbound is unlike anything you have experienced before.

Unbound Phone Screen

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Unbound is brought to you by

Tom Syms

Tom Syms – Creative Director

Tom is a producer, director, and LAMDA-trained performer. Since 2019 he has been the Head of Games at HiddenCity, leading the team in the development and execution of all new games.

Jack Pirie – Creative Director

Jack is a writer, director and creative director for film, immersive theatre & interactive experiences. He is the writer/director on The War of the Worlds Immersive Experience. The show received a THEA award for ‘outstanding achievement’ and is currently running in London.


Entourage – Producing Partners

Entourage have brought you some the world’s best leading immersive experiences.

Since 2016 they have created unforgettable worlds ranging from Moulin Rouge, Romeo+Juliet, Blade Runner and Stranger Things for industry leading immersive practitioners Secret Cinema.

Entourage also run an incubator program, the Immersive Arts Network, which works collaboratively and in partnership to develop creative ideas and concepts with exceptional talent. The IAN exists to support the immersive arts community to develop original concepts, to push boundaries, take risks and explore new possibilities

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