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The Brief
On December 6th, 2016, Fountain TV Studios closed its doors for the last time. The site had been sold to a property developer and all live TV shows (Britain's Got Talent, X-Factor) had moved onto new homes. Part of a massive regeneration area, the studios are destined to be redeveloped into housing, but with that still many years in the future, Troubadour jumped at the opportunity to create a new London destination.
What We Did

By 2019, Fountain Studios had been stripped of most of its useful assets and had been vacant for a number of years. We were engaged to determine the feasibility of utilising a dirty, empty building into a ‘meanwhile use’ event venue.

Our team worked closely with Troubadour to assess the venue’s condition and administer remedial work where required. The TV studio’s rigging, power and utility infrastructure needed extensive testing and checks to assess if they were still usable following decommission.

Alongside the remedial efforts, work was undertaken to design and commission new custom seating and staging to create a 1,500-person theatre space with new audience facilities and bar areas. Our production team oversaw the onsite installation works, along with managing health and safety, and CDM for the refurbishment.

Our planning and licencing team worked with the developer to secure all the relevant permissions for the venue and worked with council authorities and building control to ensure compliance with all regulations.