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Entourage Live specialise in producing theatrical shows in unusual places. From ex metal exchanges to disused warehouses, we’ve created incredible worlds out of ‘found spaces’

Found Space venues offer amazing creative opportunities. Taking advantage of the existing architecture, we can create hyper-real experiences for audiences that transport them out of traditional theatre environments. There isn’t anything quite so spellbinding for an audience, as inhabiting an unexpected world they hadn’t expected to find themselves in.

Our team is on hand and available to produce comprehensive feasibility reports for any potential venues you have in mind; or help you somewhere in the first place. When assessing building suitability, we take everything into account: audience access and transport links; existing utilities and infrastructure; structural suitability; and potential impact on local residents. We will work with your team to plan how a show could be created with the space, and test to see if the project is commercially viable.

At our core we are practical problem solvers who understand that audience and performer safety is a non-negotiable part of the brief. You can trust us to work with the landlords and local councils to ensure that the venue is properly licenced, safe and compliant.

If you have an idea for a site-specific show or are just in need of a venue – get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

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