Welcome to a new kind of immersive experience

Interactive adventures that unfold in your world.
Don’t just watch. Choose your path. Be the hero.

 Unbound is a new immersive storytelling platform. Built as a collaboration between Entourage and creative directors Jack Pirie and Tom Syms. It combines physical and digital elements using the technology audiences have in their hands and homes. With it, we create impactful, cinematic experiences that tell your brand story.

Truly Immersive, personalised and interactive. It’s the next generation of ‘at-home’ experiential.

Experience Unbound for yourself.
Play the demo of ‘Sidekick’ Now.

How it works

Results of an Unbound Experience

Create groundbreaking hybrid, digital & IRL experiences that truly engage audiences without physical presence
Prompt actions and drive footfall to specific locations
Bring your existing IP to life for a launch, campaign or stunt with your audience as the HERO
Provide Trackable analytics for user engagement, user retention, experience completion and ROI
Create experiences that generate social media engagement and build brand community
Enhance pre and post event engagement with personalised audience content

Experience Unbound for yourself.
Play the demo of ‘Sidekick’ Now.

Arrange a call to discuss how we could work with you, using Unbound to design a bespoke immersive brand experience.

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