Matterport Venue Scans

Our sister company 3DSpaces uses cutting-edge Matterport technology to offer virtual site visits to explore your space through your website, a phone or even a VR headset.

With the ability to take a walk around your entire space, moving from room to room and seamlessly blending floor plans, 3D models and video fly throughs, 3D spaces can save you time, money and a whole lot of hassle.

For Immersive creators it’s also an amazingly useful way to document an immersive or site specific show’s physical design as digital record for potential transfers, re-staging or tours. We also create digital records of meanwhile use venues before tenancy so that we can create accurate 3D models of the space and produce detailed records of the condition of the building to avoid any dilapidation disputes once the tenancy has finished.

Earth Hackney Virtual Tour

What a virtual copy of your space?