Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds

The Brief

We were contracted by Ellipsis Entertainment to act as consultants on the live theatre production of Jeff Wayne’s War Of The World’s: The Immersive Experience. Inspired by the best-selling 1978 record of the same name, Ellipsis had a vision to create something completely new and unique that pushed the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

The Delivery

Working in close collaboration with the Ellipsis in-house teams, we helped shape the creative development process and plot the delivery of the fiendishly complex project. Our team provided project management, digital asset management, scenic production management, and licensing support as the development strands of music, content, physical props and live performance were woven together to create a ground-breaking multi-room experience.

The show uniquely blends the world of theatre with cutting edge VR technology to place its audience right in the heart of the action. Using photogrammetry and volumetric capture, we worked with Dimension Studios to create 4D live-action content, which combined with pyrotechnics, projection mapping, holograms and a host of other special effects, offers one of the most memorable live events to have ever been staged.

Outstanding Achievement Award for “Connected Immersive”
TEA Thea Awards 2019

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