Venues & Placemaking

Do you ever see an old, empty warehouse and think, we could put on a great show in there? At Entourage, we see opportunity everywhere; in unused buildings, closed-down venues, even vast open Greenfield spaces.

We are leading industry specialists in discovering and activating empty or disused venues for ‘meanwhile use’ – the short-term or temporary usage of these spaces for cultural purposes.

We take care of every detail; carrying out initial feasibility work and suitability studies, tailored production services to suit these unique venues, and enhanced Health & Safety support to cover every possible scenario. Even better, we have dedicated experts to support you through any potentially complex planning and licensing processes.

If you are a production company with a show you’d like to take out in the wild, or even a property owner with a space that could be put to use for something special, get in touch with us to find out how we can create something incredible.

Site Specific Theatre

Entourage Live specialise in producing incredible theatrical shows in the most unusual places.

From redundant office space to disused warehouses, we’ve created incredible worlds out of ‘found spaces’ - these venues offer amazing creative opportunities for next-level immersion, letting audiences live out the story, interact with the set, even engage with the performers.

Taking advantage of the existing architecture and filled with special touches and hidden secrets, we can create hyper-realistic experiences for audiences that transport them out of traditional theatre environments - there is nothing quite as spellbinding as entering a venue and inhabiting an entire new world they couldn’t have imagined existed inside.


3D Spaces uses cutting-edge technology to offer virtual site visits for clients to explore your venue through your website, their phone or even a VR headset.

With the ability to take a walk around your entire space, moving from room to room and seamlessly blending floor plans, 3D models and video flythroughs, 3D spaces can save you and your clients time, money and a whole lot of hassle.

Our Work

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